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Reception is a 2018 brickfilm by Christof Muñoz.[1] It is set in a world populated by robots that play music on radios built in to their bodies, and follows one robot whose radio only picks up static.[2] It was an entry to the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2018 and won second place.


Out in the streets, robots walk by, each having their own music playing from radios in their bodies. One struts by confidently with a funky beat, one flits by ballet style with graceful music. Each robot has a different amount of static to their music, as if they're not getting the best reception, though some are clearer than others, and some have moments where the reception is more clear than at other times. One robot walks by and his music gets a little fuzzy, so he adjusts a dial on his chest, and tunes in more clearly to his music.

All of this is being watched by a robot who is in his home, watching from the window. He doesn't have music, only a low hiss of static. He watches the other robots enviously. Occasionally, he attempts to adjust his own chest knob, but only gets more static.

He tries going outside, but feels held back by his lack of confidence, having no music. He gives up and sits in his chair, listening angrily to his static, before falling asleep in the evening.

Later that night, the reception changes and music starts to play. The robot awakes and looks around. Realizing the music is coming from his own chest, he looks down in admiration of the music, contemplating his own chest radio. He gradually falls asleep, assured by the beautiful music.

As he wakes up the following morning, the music is now gone, and the static is back. He wakes up gradually, and remembers the music. He looks down eagerly to his chest, but only hears the static. He fiddles with the knob, searching all across the frequencies, but only finds more static. He slumps again a little.

He goes to the door, contemplating going outside again. He looks down at his chest, and gives the knob one last turn, without any success.

Despite this, he straightens up, and goes out the door anyway.[2]