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Really Deep Space is a 2003 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Jeff Leary about a repair job on a spaceship which takes a turn for the disgusting. It was created for the BricksWest 2003 Comedy Competition and was voted as the winner. It was also entered into BricksWest 2003's General Animation Competition.[1] Later in the year, Leary released the new cut Really Deep Space: Redux, with an extended ending.


Aboard a spaceship, the computer informs the captain that one of the ship's stabilisers has come loose. The captain tells three of the other astronauts that somebody will have to go outside the ship to repair it, and they elect to send the rookie. This spaceman gathers his equipment and reluctantly heads out the airlock.

On the outside of the ship, the spaceman repairs the loose stabiliser, but spots a green, gooey object flying towards him. This substance hits the spaceman and sticks to him, knocking him back. He tries to get back inside the spaceship, but the computer refuses him entry because he has "been infected by deadly space boogers". He talks the computer into letting him back aboard, but is immediately captured and brought for injections from the ship's doctor. When the doctor isn't looking, the spaceman removes the snot and escapes. The doctor thinks the spaceman was eaten and calls for security, who shoot the snot and send it bouncing around the corridors of the ship, contaminating another crew member.


Leary initially filmed over 7 minutes of footage for Really Deep Space, but was unhappy with how the story was playing out.[2] He decided to edit his footage down to a 3:42 cut for submission to BricksWest, and released this version in January 2003.[3] In October 2003, he released a new cut titled Really Deep Space: Redux, which featured re-mastered audio and restored an additional scene at the end of the film, bringing the running time up to 4:25.[4]

In the added scene, a security team assembles to destroy the space booger. When they find it, it reveals eyes and a mouth and eats the security chief. The rest of the footage filmed has not been released.


  • Chris Salt as The Captain
  • Jeff Leary as Crew members
  • Mac Speech Engine Voice "Boing" as The Computer
  • Roger Lemelin as Security Chief (Redux only)


  • Jeff Leary - Story, Animation
  • Heather Rigney - Story