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Reality (What a Concept) is a 2004 drama brickfilm by Mark Butler. It follows the story of Mark, a man who has destroyed reality.[1] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest and ultimately won third place.[2]


In a white expanse, a tiny bubble of reality appears. A man, Mark, attempts to move beyond the bubble but the bubble just moves with him. A giant flat face appears and explains that Mark destroyed reality. The face goes on to explain that his kind were bored, and decided to create Mark's reality. The first time Mark's reality came to an end was when a monkey wrote out the complete works of William Shakespeare. The second time reality ended, Mark spoke the magic words "Hey, that's my monkey!" The face bids farewell, and Mark's reality begins to shrink and finally disappear.

Mark pops back into existence. The face explains that his kind was bored again. The face asks for Mark's Swiss bank account and password. Mark hastily gives the password.

It turns out Mark is merely in a simulation, and scientists are manipulating him so they can get access to his bank account.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]


The original face

Mark Butler released an extensive behind the scenes page detailing the creation of Reality (What a Concept), which can be found here. Originally, the large face in the sky was going to be a giant minifigure head, but Mark Butler wanted the face to be more expressive, so eventually he built four versions of the large gray face for lip-syncing purposes.[3]