The knight calls to Rapunzel
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Directed by
Released February 19, 2004
Jay Silver
Running time
Language English

Rapunzel is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Jay Silver. It is a humorous take on the German fairy tale of the same name, and was created to test digital face animation. Multiple parodies of the film were created by other brickfilmers.

Plot Edit

A knight approaches the base of Rapunzel's tower. He calls up to here, imploring with her to let down her hair. After a moment, Rapunzel's entire hair piece is thrown down and bounces off the ground. The knight, shocked, runs away.[1]

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Parodies and Spin-offs Edit

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After Rapunzel was released on, it was followed by many parodies, spin-offs and homages made by various brickfilmers. This began when Nate Burr and Nick Maniatis each released a parody at the same time on March 6.[2] Some of the notable parodies include:

References Edit

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