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Rapunzel is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Jay Silver. It is a humorous take on the German fairy tale of the same name, and was created to test digital face animation. Multiple parodies of the film were created by other brickfilmers.


A knight approaches the base of Rapunzel's tower. He calls up to here, imploring with her to let down her hair. After a moment, Rapunzel's entire hair piece is thrown down and bounces off the ground. The knight, shocked, runs away.[1]


Parodies and Spin-offs[]

After Rapunzel was released on, it was followed by many parodies, spin-offs and homages made by various brickfilmers. This began when Nate Burr and Nick Maniatis each released a parody at the same time on March 6.[2] Some of the notable parodies include: