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Random Acts of Lego-ness is a series of sci-fi action-comedy brickfilms created by "jaklither" (AKA WhatTheHeck Studios), directed by Jake Theriault and also produced and voiced by Nate Theriault and Chase, Connor, and Cole Jackson, plus others on occasion. It follows the adventures of the characters Jim and Ziggy, and the various battles and strange events they find themselves wrapped up in, including resistance against the infectious "Goob" clay creatures.

The first seven films in the series were originally released from 2007 to 2009, and an April 2010 archive of the jaklither YouTube channel shows the declaration that a Random Acts of Lego-ness VIII was 95% complete by that point.[1] However, no more entries were released for a number of years. Accounts from various fans put the initial release of Random Acts of Lego-ness VIII | The Final Chapter as having been anywhere from 2012 to 2017 (which may place Random Acts of Lego-ness among the longest-running brickfilm series'). A now-deleted Dailymotion upload of VIII lists in the page code an upload date of July 28, 2015, but this was possibly a reupload, so the release year of the film remains uncertain.[2]

At various points in time, the films in the series were removed from YouTube, put back up again, but ultimately removed again, and the jaklither YouTube channel now no longer exists. As the series had accrued a dedicated cult following, fans had downloaded all of the installments and have since reuploaded them onto YouTube.


(Note: The number order does not actually perfectly match the original release order. It can be determined from available archives that Random Acts of Lego-ness II was actually the first release in the series,[3] with I seemingly released after IV, and it is possible that V was released after VI.[4] The films are listed here in number order, due to the difficulty in determining the exact original release order for certain.)