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Ralph and Rupert is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Kate Fischer.[1] It is a dynamic duo brickfilm series that follows Ralph McCormick and Rupert Buckingham who share a house and get into various shenanigans, often as a result of Ralph's stupidity.

The series ran from 2004 to 2005, with the final released film, No News is Good News, promising a continuation that was never produced. Prior to No News is Good News' release, Fischer had also begun scripting a film titled Candyman! The Ralph and Rupert Musical.[2] In 2006, she released a trailer for a Ralph and Rupert film titled Schlockstars, but the film was not completed. Upon returning to brickfilming in 2007, Fischer attempted to produce a Ralph and Rupert Christmas special but was stopped by technical difficulties that prevented her camera from working.[3][4]


Mad Crazy Scientist (2004)[]

Ralph takes up inventing and builds a cloning machine, but his clone escapes and begins to wreak havoc.[5]

Magic Marker (2004)[]

Ralph finds a marker with magical powers that produces anything the holder wishes for.[6]

Hallowieners (2004)[]

Ralph talks Rupert into accompanying him to a costume party hosted by their friend Gordon, who has an additional plan up his sleeve.[7]

Money (2005)[]

Ralph and Rupert go to a bank to withdraw their last 100 dollars, and accidentally get caught up with a gang of bank robbers.[8]

No News is Good News (2005)[]

Ralph and Rupert audition for an opening as newscasters, with some assistance from Gordon.[9]


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