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Rafael Figueroa is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is known for films including The Sheriff, and contest winners Good Citizen Kai and The Case of the Year, as well as for films based on the Bible, and Star Wars brickfilms.[2]


Year Title Notes
2013 Confrontation
2014 The tomb of klaris mystery
2014 The red pilgrim X
2014 The Daring Escape - The Commando's secret sneak peak X
2015 Dinner at the Black Gate X
2015 Matthew 16:13-20
2015 Lord of the rings
2015 Kyudo Way of the bow Disqualified Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2015 entry
2015 The Case of the Year Septemberfest: The Citizen of the Year LIVES Contest second place winner
2016 Draw Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII entry
2016 Concealed Revenge
2016 Minecraft the Rescue
2016 Reach for the Stars Sight & Sound Contest entry
2016/7? Relentless heart Unfinished
2017 Good Citizen Kai Rebrick Ninja for a Day Grand Prize winner
2017 The Escape Route
2018 The Birth Of Christ Brickfilm Day 2018 participation
2018 LEGO Pirates Late Seventy-two Hour Animation Contest film
2018 New Beginnings
2019 The Sheriff Also known as LEGO Wild West
2020 LEGO music video Unfinished co-production with John Eggers shot in 2018/2019
2021 Way of the Sword Episode 1 Also known as LEGO Ninja: The Friendly Rivalry
2021 Risen Lord