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Rübermachen is a 2008 drama brickfilm by Felix C., Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker.[1] It is a historical film that follows two refugees attempting to cross the inner German border.[2] It was created for Steinerei 2008. It is known for including a mosaic-like animated sequence in the middle, which was created digitally. It is the only brickfilm co-production by Felix C. and Cornelius Koch, the two founders of BrickBoard, though they had previously planned at least one earlier co-production, a western, in 2004.


During the time before German reunification, two refugees approach the inner German border, with the hopes of escaping from communist East Germany across to West Germany. When they reach the fortifications of the border, they are detected, and the alarm is raised. The refugees begin to run.

A spotlight from a guard tower locates the fleeing refugees. One refugee falls, and the other continues running. An armed guard takes aim, and fires a shot.[2]


  • Felix C. - Director, Concept, Production
  • Cornelius Koch - Director, Concept, Production, Music, Sound
  • Theodor Becker - Director, Production
  • Oliver Hentschel - Production
  • Laura Koch - Production
  • Lucas Illies - Music, Sound