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Rémi Riffard is a French animator, who released brickfilms from 2007 to 2009, and also released some animations featuring LEGO Buildable Figures in 2013 and 2014.[1][2] He is best known in brickfilming for the 2008 half-hour cult film La légende de Ben&Jerry's, as well as the 2007 comedy adventure film La grande Enigme.


Year Title Notes
2007 La grande Enigme
2007 Bonne année des legos du monde entier
2008 La légende de Ben&Jerry's
2008 Corbey Lanas Saves The World Created with children from a workshop at the Maison de l'Image as part of the second Aubenas comic book festival
2008 Le discours de Barack Obama à Chicago
2008 Nouveau Clip Manau Tic Tac Bande Annonce
2009 Clip Manau TicTac
2009 Les danses de l'été en LEGO
2013 Maxime Gervais - Mon Coloc
2014 Tutorial How to prepare a date by Vadkar
2014 Green Lantern Québecois