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Quarantine Daze is a 2020 sketch comedy brickfilm series and community project coordinated by Zach Macias[1], created during the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. It is the biggest brickfilm community project in history, featuring "134 animators from 16 countries across 6 continents." The series consisted of six episodes, each focusing on a different theme, that premiered weekly during the pandemic. The series primarily features brickfilms, but includes several non-LEGO animated clips. In 2022, "JO Co" hosted a holiday-themed spiritual successor to Quarantine Daze called Christmas Holidaze, an official Bricks in Motion community project, with Macias credited as executive producer.[2]


Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Zach Macias wanted to create a community event that would bring together brickfilmers from across the world stuck inside in quarantine. Conceived as a sketch show in the vein of Robot Chicken, Macias opened up submissions to anyone,[3] rather than putting together a crew. The amount of submissions was so high that he had to split the clips up into six 15-minute long episodes, instead of the one video initially planned. During assembly of the clips, Macias noticed common themes through many of the submitted clips, and selected each episode's clips be centered around a different idea, such as Star Wars and superheroes.


Each episode begins with a guy waking up at 8:00AM in the morning. A radio host, voiced by David Reino, does banter that changes from week to week. Set to the Quarantine Daze theme song, performed by Reisender,[4] the guy brushes his teeth, makes coffee, puts on a Stormtrooper helmet, and flips on the episode for the week on the TV. His apartment contains items pertaining to each of the six episodes.

The final episode concludes with the guy turning off the TV, yawning, and falling asleep on his couch.

Episode 1: "A Fistful of Toilet Paper"[]

Clip Name Director
"Western Duel" "Hippie8 Studios"
"The Thief and the Swordsman" Ben Nixon
"Vice Squad 47: This Time It's Only Kinda Personal" Sam Futhey
"Dawn of Corona" "Starwarsstudio100"
"2020 Toilet Humor (Fallout)" Charlie Steel
"The Adventurerers" Joshua Armell
"Minecraft Creeper Revolution (Parts 1-2)" "bricktimefilms"
"Fight Scene Test" "Kay Films"
"Fighting But with Social Distancing" "Tyax Films"
"LEGO Easter in Quarantine" James Morr
"The Big Bamboozle" Nathan Mellace
"The Interrogation" "BrickMaster I.L."
"15 Second Lego Food Fight" "Jonny Muffin"
"The Battle of Karens" "Brady Studios"
"Genji Revenge" Jacob Otaku
"LIGHTHOUSE-19" Chris Wynn
"A Battle with Sans" "Echo Stop Motion"
"The Big Discovery" André R C Silva
"Untitled" Archie Sealy
"The Task" Stephan Euvrard
"LEGO Agent Turner: Teaser Trailer" "LightBrickStudios"
"Transformia News: The Last Roll of Toilet Paper" "MellowChello"
"TP Battle" "Shumbert"
"Bang: A LEGO Western" Ethan Olson

Episode 2: "We Were Troopers"[]

Clip Name Director
"Binary Sunset" Austin Ramey
"LEGO Star Wars: Punk Rebels" "BountyHunter Bricks"
"First Contact" "MPFilms"
"Need a Hand" "RestInPiecesProductions"
"LEGO Star Wars April Fools" "Ryan Films Animation"
"The Imperial Restroom" Andy Hornburg
"KAHUKA" Jack Rizzo
"Cosmic Chore" Aaron Williams
"Damn." Joshua Armell
"Boba Fett Raids a Small Encampment" Jace H
"Grave Digger: Sci-Fi Lego Fight" "Paradox Pictures"
"The High Ground" "The Lego Bros"
"Darth Revan Eliminates a Small Community" Jace H
"LEGO Binary Sunset: Spoof" "TheLegoPro"
"We Were Troopers #1" Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
"Chutin' a Stormtrooper" "The Brick Bro"
"Clash of the Dyad Preview" Forrest Whaley
"Let the Wookie Win (in Smash Bros)" "jmbrickstudios"
"Untitled 1" "Bionic Hero"
"Lego Star Wars: Wash Your Hands" "Toon Bros"
"The Stud Shooter" "Bipolar"
"The Break Room: A Star Wars Story" Ahmari Ly-Johnson
"Classic" Joshua Armell
"Excerpt from "Marriage: A Star Wars Story" Zach Macias
"We Were Troopers #2" Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
"Joker Kills Younglings" "The Brick Bro"
"Robots on Parade" Nathan Wells
"Scifi Zombie Fight" Cody Salvesen
"LEGO Star Wars The Clone Wars - Cad Bane vs. Boba Fett" "HogTheComputer"
"We Were Troopers #3" Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
"The Great Outdoors...?" Sam Richardson

Episode 3: "I Saw The Sasquatch"[]

Clip Name Director
"Quarantine Day 54" "Edbound"
"Interview with a Sasquatch" Silleck Family Productions
"LEGO Mad Men: "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (Part 1)" Zach Macias
"Brand Twitter Food Commercial #1" "AwesomePantsFilms"
"The Haunted Shed" Tobi Jeffs
"Win One for Whiskers" Joseph Hayden
"Stop Motion Quarantine Vlog Day 34 - Cinnamon Rolls!" Leila Mullison
"I Saw Tigers" Corey Talbot
"Beast Deleted Scenes" Nathan Wells
"Average Food Place Commercial #1" "Slotborg"
"A Calm Evening" Ben Nixon
"LEGO Mad Men: "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (Part 2)" Zach Macias
"LEGO Hobbit (Good Morning)" "Masterbuilder 2020"
"Brand Twitter Food Commercial #2" "AwesomePantsFilms"
"2D Animation" "FilmDude"
"Dingy Alley Healthfoods Commercial" Carl Ferber
"Monkey Clock" The Four Monkeys
"Average Food Place Commercial #2" "Slotborg"
"Stop Motion Travel Vlog - London!" Leila Mullison
"Brand Twitter Food Commercial #3" "AwesomePantsFilms"
"Berserker" Enrique Fuster
"Excerpts from 'The Unexpected Eco Upside'" Daniel Pedler
"Introducing the Blendtastic 3000!" Chris Major
"Average Food Place Commercial #3" "Slotborg"
"10 Seconds Wasted" "Nick Craft NL"
"Brand Twitter Food Commercial #4" "AwesomePantsFilms"

Episode 4: "Stand-Up Comedy Night"[]

Clip Name Director
"Bill Cipher Sings a Song" "RestInPiecesProductions"
"Stand-Up Comedy" Chris McNick
"Ancient Antique Auctioneers" "JO Co"
"Dane Cook Gets Defenestrated by a Horse" Jonathan Mangiapane
"You Got a Second?" "IdiotBrickDoctor"
"Disco Daze" Al Nickels
"Missing the Homies" Jason Quert
"Five Weeks Into Quarantine" Nathan Wells
"I Like Trains" Seán Willis (footage originally by Monitogo Studios; used with permission)
"The Creative Process" "TheBricks"
"Patreon Announcement" Stephan Euvrard
"The Shovel" Eiran Keating
"P O N G" Nathan Wells
"Bob Dylan's Shit Song" Rob Qatar
"Kick the Bucket" "Panky Animations"
"Gravity Falls Clip" Samuel Taft
"Hide and Seek" Mark Wilkinson
"Worldstar Money" "idiots in cars films"
"John's Meeting" "Johnny (BrickFinder)"
"The Nose" Noah Anderson
"Sandwich Devastation" Sam Cocchiarella
"Besties Therapy" "Nathan Studios"
"Malloy" Nathan Wells
"LEGO Joker Kills Murray" Zach Macias
"Son, Do You Have a Girlfriend?" Corey Talbot
"Brickemax After Hours" Maxime Marion
"The Knight and the Dragon" "SkyMyGuy"
"It's Time to Stop" Corey Talbot
"Classic Dad Joke" Maksimum Mattis
"Lego Love Actually" "Copperhead Films"
"Memeay!" Jacob Otaku

Episode 5: "Social Distancing With Spider-Man!"[]

Clip Name Director
"Spider-Man: Curfew" "GingrGeneral"
"Jay's Last Run" "bricktimefilms"
"Touch" Luke Knell
"Wanna Buy Some Drugs?" "Sleepyhead"
"Thumbs Down" The Four Monkeys
"Spoderpman" "Fooballoo"
"Avengers in Quarantine" "Maximus Productions"
"Nerd Herd" Charlie MacDavid
"The Eggman" "Sleepyhead"
"BRUH" "The Brick Bro"
"When the Frog Speaks" "San"
"Star-Lord Fight" Byron Anderson
"Iron Boot Up" "bricktimefilms"
"Why You Shouldn't Mess With a Karen" "Gioda Animations"
"Blade Runner 2049 Clip" Zach Macias
"LEGO Black Widow: Civil War Infiltration (Teaser)" "DarkBrickProductions"
"Spider-Man On a Bike" Nathan Wells
"LEGO Batman La La Land Clip" Zach Macias
"AWW BRICK!" "NonStop Animations"
"LEGO D.Va's Mech" "HogTheComputer"
"Ships are Tight-anic" "G-ManProductions"
"SPIDER-MAN: The HOME Saga" Gus Danko
"The Story of Thor's Fear of Snakes" "bricktimefilms"
"LEGO Avengers Endgame: The Snap" Zach Macias
"BORK" "Sleepyhead"
"Transformers: Optimus Tries to be Cool" "The Last Autobot"
"The Bat-Quarantine" "The Chinchilla Channel"
"Lego Batman - Gotham City Rooftops" "Linkinpop13"
"Lego Spider-Man Bathroom Break" "brix_films"
"Quarantine with Iron Man" Andrew Grigorian
"Thanks Victory Dance" Johnathan Rabon
"Lego Alfred Gets Corona" Sam Dressman
"Sanctum Sanctorum Quarantine" Joel "JaguarBrickFilms" Meyer

Episode 6: "The Diagnoses of Dr. Dakota"[]

Clip Name Director
"The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - Pablo Gets Diagnosed (Part 1)" "Wammy"
"New Car" Luke Knell
"Lego Be Trash" "The Brick Bro"
"Steve Gets Hit by a Car" "SuperBat Animations"
"Project: Divinity" Nathan Wells
"LEGO lo-fi beats to study/relax to" "HogTheComputer"
"Schaudenfreude" Nathan Wells
"Dangers of Mega Blocks" "Shumbert"
"The Diagnoses of Dr. Dakota: Coffee Break (Part 2)" Matthew Kimball
"Lego Smash Bros - A Challenger Approaches" "bststudios77"
"Lego Magic Door" "TheJumiFilm"
"Lego Vietnam War Fight" Joel "JaguarBrickFilms" Meyer
"Keep it Down!" Janey "Stonewar" Schulte
"Life Cycle (Clay Edition)" "Triphobie"
"Untitled" "Bionic Hero"
"The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - Flashback (Part 3)" "Squidtastic Videos"
"Boomerang Time" "The Meh Enthusiast"
"Undertale: Judgement Hall Teaser Trailer" "Davy Productions"
"Night of the Living Dead Montage Clip" Nathan Wells
"The Patient" "minideliciouspant"
"Magic Word Randomness" "SplitterShot"
"The Bank Heist Teaser" "Rapture187"
"Animators at Work" Zach Macias
"The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - The Dead Live (Part 4)" "Undershadow"
"Strange Tactics" "Rushing River Films"
"Symbolism" Kaleb Barkman
"My neck is popin" "Mcduck, dude"
"The REAL Way to Kill GLaDOS" "Nick Craft NL"
"FISHY" "LeonardSeeksWisdom"
"April Failure" Stephan Euvrard
"The Cleansing King" "Ryan J. Arts"
"The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - The Skepticist (Part 5)" Hudson Ludy
"Snif 3" Bruno Lefèvre
"The Bump" "Duel of the Bricks"
"Regulation" Kenton Hooper
"A Real Boy" Johnathan Rabon
"Hope You Had the Time of Your Life" Rob Qatar
"The Diagnoses of Doctor Dakota - Emotional Support (Part 6)" "Shawarma Studios"
"Irreal Cereal" Trevor Stevens
"You Wanna Go, Bro?" "SuperBat Animations"
"Couch Potato Rebel" William Osborne
"The Diagnoses of Dr. Dakota - Finale (Part 7)" "rioforce"


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