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Protectors of the Earth is a 2015 sci-fi action drama brickfilm by Jonas Steinacker.[1] It is set in the year 3000 AD, where the "Chroms", a robotic species, are ruling the world, in order to protect Earth from human destruction, but there are still a few humans remaining who are intent on fighting the "Chroms" to ensure the survival of humanity.[2]



  • Brenda Wong as Noa
  • John Lapiana as President
  • Ryan Negron as Amun
  • Andy Cowley as Letrus
  • Logan Knotts as Chrom Pilot
  • "Clerst" as Celtx
  • Daniel Schmitz as Chrom Soldier


  • Jonas Steinacker - Writer, Director, Aniamtor, Editor, Sound design, VFX, CGI
  • Daniel "NOVAH" Schmitz - Music, Sound design, Color correction
  • "Nima Bricks" - Set design

Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2015 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Visual Effects Nominated
Best Original Score Nominated
Best Ensemble Performance Nominated