This brickfilm is currently not known to be available on the internet. If you have it, please let us know.
Projekt RH
A car crashes into a telephone booth
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Directed by
Stefanie Herzer
Running time
10 minutes (approx.)
Language German

Projekt RH is a 1980 brickfilm by Stefanie Herzer. It has never been shared online in full, but a video file of selected special effect scenes was made available online in 2002.[1] It is among the earliest known brickfilms, and it is Herzer's second and final brickfilm, following a brickfilm inspired by Star Wars created in 1977 or 1978 (making that the earliest known Star Wars brickfilm and earliest known brickfilm made in Germany), which has not been located.[2]

Crew Edit

  • Stefanie Herzer - Director
  • Dirk Kulessa - Sets, Animator, Voice actor[3]

References Edit

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