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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Prisoner John Strikes Back! is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Elie Zananiri. It is about Prisoner John being released from jail and promptly returning to a life of crime.[2] It is the sequel to Prisoner John Escapes! from 2000, but it has also been considered by the director to be the real starting point of the series due to its much greater production values, such as including voice acting.[3] It was followed by Prisoner John 3: Back and Pissed!.


Prisoner John's jail sentence ends and he is freed. Prisoner John soon gets back to his criminal ways and holds up a group of passengers on a train. As he begins to shoot passengers, Sheriff Bill enters, revealing that he has been following Prisoner John since he left jail under the assumption that he would cause more trouble.

Prisoner John, angered by the help Sheriff Bill has always had from Sidekick Al, unveils his own sidekick, Robot Mike. Sidekick Al and Robot Mike battle until Al tears Mike apart. He then sets his sights on Prisoner John and tears him apart, too. With Prisoner John dead, the passengers he killed come back to life. Sheriff Bill and Sidekick Al leave, but the decapitated head of Prisoner John vows to get them next time.[2]


  • Elie Zananiri - Writer, Director, Animator, Camera, Sound, Editor
  • George Bekiaris - Voices
  • Yussef Rahmani - Music


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