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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

Prisoner John 3: Back and Pissed! is a 2003 (or possibly 2004)[2] comedy brickfilm by Elie Zananiri. It is about Prisoner John escaping from jail and vowing to kill Sheriff Bill.[3] It follows Prisoner John Strikes Back! from 2002. A sequel, Prisoner John 4: The Final Showdown, was completely filmed and slated for a 2006 release,[4] but the editing of this film has never been completed.

Prisoner John 3: Back and Pissed! was screened at Festival SPASM in Canada on October 28, 2004 and as part of the Brick Film Fest category of the Uppsala International Short Film Festival in Sweden on October 24 and 25, 2008.[5][6]


Prisoner John tunnels out of prison and up through the ground outside, vowing to kill Sheriff Bill. At night, Sheriff Bill has nightmares about Prisoner John returning, and when he wakes up he receives a phone call telling him Prisoner John is at the docks killing innocent bystanders, demanding to see Sheriff Bill. Bill and Sidekick Al take the Billmobile down to the docks.

Prisoner John demands Sheriff Bill follow him. Bill tries to get the situation under control, but Prisoner John shoots Sidekick Al. He then leads Sheriff Bill to a time machine and takes him back in time to a pirate ship. Prisoner John explains that it is his pirate ship and that he is from the past, and a crew of pirates surround Sheriff Bill. Bill is made to walk the plank, and jumps into the ocean.

Sheriff Bill is pursued by a shark, but Sidekick Al, still alive in the past, arrives and kills the shark before taking Bill back to the pirate ship. Prisoner John sends his pirate crew after Sheriff Bill and Bill picks up a sword to fight them with, while Sidekick Al battles Prisoner John's monkey. When Sidekick Al is killed again, Sheriff Bill charges at Prisoner John, but Prisoner John quickly impales him on a sword. Sheriff Bill vows to defeat Prisoner John yet, but Prisoner John kicks Bill overboard before announcing to his pirate crew that they will now begin their plan to take over the world.[3]


  • Elie Zananiri - Writer, Director, Animator, Camera, Sound, Editor
  • George Bekiaris - Voices
  • Yussef Rahmani - Music
  • Phil Migneault - Music
  • A. Tibs - Music
  • Flex Fleghand - Music


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