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Printed Circuit - Brick It is a 2010 music video brickfilm by Chris Salt.[1] It is the official music video to the song it is set to.[2][3] The video follows a man leading an unfulfilling life, who learns of a nearby live show.[4] The video was featured on The Brothers Brick, and it was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards. Printed Circuit sold t-shirts featuring the "Coffee Hole" logo Salt designed for the film.[5]


The video follows a man who lethargically struggles through the daily grind, waking up early, travelling to his menial fast food job, and getting chewed out by the boss. When he gets home that evening, he idly flips between TV channels and web pages, until he learns of a Printed Circuit live show taking place in a nearby club that night. He heads out to the show where he begins to become enthralled by the music, eventually jumping up and down along with the rest of the crowd. He arrives home late that night, tired but finally happy.[4]

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