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Possessed is a 2011 horror brickfilm by Dylan Woodley. It follows a story in a medieval village that begins to suffer mysterious occurrences.[1] It was made in less than two weeks for the Tales of Yore Contest on Bricks in Motion,[2] in which it placed fourth.


In a medieval village, a mother cries out for help, alarmed that her son has gone missing. The villagers assure her that they will help. That night, one of the villagers hears a noise, and gets up. He grabs an axe and goes out to investigate. He sees a large demonic shape with glowing red eyes, and throws his axe before running away. When he looks back, the shape is gone.

A little girl appears in front of the man. She extends her hand, but when her eyes begin to glow red, the man runs. The girl gives chase to a stable, where the man frees a horse. The girl becomes inactive, and the horse's eyes begin to glow red before it tries to attack the man. The horse suddenly becomes lifeless and the villager thinks he is safe, but he attacked by another man, leading to a brawl. The attacker's eyes glow red before he knocks out the villager.

Underground, the villager is seen chained up alongside the other people who had appeared possessed in the night.[1]


Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Cinematography Nominated