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Portal 2 Part 1 is a 2012 brickfilm by Alex Kobbs. It is based on the Portal and Half-Life video game series', and it primarily depicts scenarios from Portal 2 in a clip show format.[1] It was originally completed in October 2011, but Kobbs deciding to hold off on releasing it until a good use for it came up.[2] It was entered into the Machinima Interactive Film Festival in 2012, and the original upload on the Machinima YouTube channel is no longer available, as all videos on the channel have been made private following Machinima becoming defunct.[3] The film was featured on The Brothers Brick and on Kotaku Australia upon release. Although it is titled Part 1, there was never a second part released.



  • Alex Kobbs - Creator, Animator, Editor
  • Jordy Velez - Sound design help
  • Dexter Manning - Sound design help
  • Nick Novotny, Dan Prostak, Joe Tornatore, Thomas Kobbs - Special thanks

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