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Pokéballin' 2 is a 2014 comedy brickfilm by Dylan Woodley.[1][2] It is a parody of the Pokémon video game series and anime, and it follows Ash as he has a Pokémon battle with another trainer.[3] It is the sequel to Pokéballin' from 2012.[4] It features use of multiple different scales of brick-built puppets for the characters.[5]


A Pokémon battle between Ash and another Pokémon trainer begins. The trainer has his Magmar use Fire Blast on Ash's Pikachu, which defeats Pikachu. Ash then opts to send out Electrode, who is eager to use one of his electricity attacks. Ash instead requests Self-Destruct, to the dismay of Electrode and the opponents. Electrode self-destructs, and a massive explosion engulfs the area.[3]


  • Dylan Woodley - Animator, Voices
  • CJ Woodley - Sound design
  • Owen Marshall - Voices


Year Competition Category Result
2014 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Won
Best Visual Effects Won
Best Set Design Nominated
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Won
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Animation Won
Best Sound Effects Won
Best Music Score Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated

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