Pointless Adventure 3: Zombie Apocalypse
The trio ask the store owner for explosives
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Directed by
Released February 27, 2009
  • Rick Theroux
  • Stephen Vermilyea
  • Angela Guarino
  • Peter Peroni
  • Amy Diaz
Running time
Language English
Part of the Pointless Adventure series
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Pointless Adventure 2: Space Adventure N/A

Pointless Adventure 3: Zombie Apocalypse, also known as The Most Pointless Adventure 3, is a 2009 comedy horror brickfilm by Rick Theroux. It follows three friends as they gear up to fight a sudden zombie outbreak.[1] It follows Pointless Adventure 2: Space Adventure, which was released in just the previous month. It was intended to be followed by a fourth and final Pointless Adventure film, but this was never released.[2] Pointless Adventure 3 makes a brief appearance in the 2014 zombie culture documentary Doc of the Dead.


Crew Edit

  • Rick Theroux - Director, Animator, Writer, Voices
  • Stephen Vermilyea - Editor, Sound, Set design, Voices
  • Angela Guarino - Voices
  • Peter Peroni - Voices
  • Amy Diaz - Voices

References Edit

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