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Pointless Adventure 2: Space Adventure, also known as The Most Pointless Adventure 2, is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Rick Theroux. It follows three friends who journey into space with the intention of aiding a distant planet in distress.[1] It is the sequel to The Most Pointless Adventure Ever from 2008, and it was followed by Pointless Adventure 3: Zombie Apocalypse a bit over a month later.


As two friends play Halo, they hear a massive crash outside. They head out to investigate and they find a crashed spaceship, which their friend Angela gets out of. Angela hurriedly explains that there is a distant planet with a race of little people who are in trouble, and that she must bring the two friends along to go help. The three of them head to the store to buy spacesuits, and they then head to the rocket they will be taking. They get inside and blast off into space.

2 years pass before they eventually arrive at their destination. On another planet, the trio are greeted by "The Jelly People", who explain that they are no longer in trouble as they dealt with their problem over a year ago. The two friends are annoyed with Angela for taking them all this way for nothing, but as consolation, a jelly person offers them some chicken.[1]


  • Rick Theroux - Director, Writer, Animator, Voices
  • Stephen Vermilyea - Writer, Editor, Audio, Voices
  • Angela Guarino - Voices


Pointless Adventure series
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