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Point of No Return is a 2008 drama brickfilm by Ben Boatwright. It is about an injured man stranded in the desert negotiating with a mysterious character for help. It won first place in the first Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest.[1]


A man is driving along a cliff road in the desert when one of his tyres bursts, sending his car careening over the edge. He lies injured at the bottom when a man dressed in all red approaches and introduces himself as "your best friend, or your worst enemy." He offers to help the driver in return for "a small favour", but the driver is not interested in helping him and demands to be given a phone.

The driver calls for an ambulance but is told by the operator that they do not serve the area he is stranded in. The man in red laughs at this situation and tells the driver "you wouldn't help me, so I'm not going to help you." The driver asks who the man is, to which he shows two horns on his head, revealing himself to be the devil. The devil laughs as the driver repeatedly exclaims "No!".[2]