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Playback is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by David Pagano about two dancers fighting over control of a boombox.[1] Like previous Pagano film Little Guys!, Playback features large brick-built puppets instead of minifigures (though at a smaller scale to Little Guys!), and is his first film to feature the "Pagano Puppet" figure design.

Playback was an entry to the Nicktoons and LEGO Built By Me Movie Contest and was one of two second-place prize winners in the 18 and Older category, along with Choose Your Own Storyline: The Fight For Paradise Hills by Dave Pickett.[2]


A man in a green jacket sits on park bench, looking around. Eventually he presses play on a boombox and begins to dance to the music. Abruptly, the music stops. A new person, a man in a white shirt, has added his own cassette tape and has begun playing his own music. Green-jacket man switches back to his music, and then white-shirt man switches the music again. They have a stand off, both playing and stopping their music until, in frustration, green-jacket man takes the boombox. White-shirt man reveals he has the cassette tape. Green-jacket man sits down, defeated. But white-shirt man has an idea. He plays both cassettes at once, and both men enjoy the music together.[1]


  • David Pagano - Director, Animator
  • Steve Stein - Composer

Award nominations[]

Playback was nominated for two awards in the 2008 Bricks in Motion Awards.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Nominated
Best Set Design Nominated

Behind the scenes gallery[]