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Play Nice is a 2008 comedy brickfilm by Garrett Barati. It is about a brother and sister who fight about what they are going to make for a contest.[1] It was made for the Nicktoons Built By Me Movie Contest and won the grand prize.[2] Winning this competition led to Barati getting the opportunity to make the brickfilm music video Don't Be a Jerk It's Christmas for Nicktoons and LEGO,[3] and he would continue to work with The LEGO Group afterwards.


A brother and sister are trying to decide what to make for a competition being held by Nicktoons and The LEGO Group. The brother makes a robot, while the sister makes a fairy ballerina princess. The brother scoffs at the sister, who builds a fairy tree palace. The brother shoots the palace with a bazooka. Their father tells the children to play nice. The sister wants to make a tall castle, with animal friends, royal banquets, a handsome prince, and dancing. The brother wants an army base with robots, guns, dinosaurs, aliens and space marines. The father tries to get the brother and sister to work together, but they continue to fight, and the father soon gives up.[1]


Garrett Barati was nominated for his performance as Older Brother in the 2008 Bricks in Motion Awards.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Vocal Performance Nominated