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Plastic Love is a comedy by Maxime Marion and the 3rd film in the Henri & Edmond Series. Bored of single life, Henri registers on a minifigure dating website.


Inside a restaurant, Edmond dines with Henri and his new girlfriend, Brigitte. Despite being interrupted several times by Edmond, Henri is Abe to tell the story of how he and Brigitte met. He says that he had been tired of being single, so he joined a dating website, but after a disastrous meet up with the first girl he saw, he didn't want to continue with it anymore, until Brigitte found him on the site and began talking to him. The two eventually met, and fell in love, and they also learned that they were next-door neighbors.

Edmond remarks that Brigitte has a nice tan, and she says that she uses a tanning bed, as she can't sunbathe on her balcony due to a large tree blocking the sun. The three talk for a while, and finally leave the restaurant, but Edmond realizes something, and he jumps in his car and races over to Henri's house, almost hitting Firmin on the way. He arrives and runs inside, and finds Henri drinking some coffee. Edmond explains that he thinks Brigitte is just using Henri so that he'll cut down the centennial tree in his garden, which is the tree that blocks the sun from Brigitte's balcony. Brigitte comes in with an axe, and admits to the whole thing. She then runs out into the garden to cut the tree down, but Henri and Edmond step in between her and the tree. She is about to kill them, when she is suddenly crushed by one of the giant acorns that regularly fall from the tree.

Henri and Edmond sit on a bench the next day, and Edmond tries to comfort Henri, who is depressed at the thought of being single again.


  • Herve Bonafos as Henri
  • Jean-Marie Pexoto as Edmond
  • Audrey Sourdive as Brigitte
  • Pierre Spielmann as the Waiter
  • Nathalie Bohn as Carmen
  • Catherine Meih as Redcard Edmond
  • Maxime Marion as Firmin


  • Soundtrack by Quentin Billard
  • Interpreted into English by Rose Babylone
  • Credits illustrations by Williaam Anais