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The Plast Awards was a brickfilming awards ceremony hosted by Anders Berget and Patryk Wawer in 2002. It is the earliest example of a ceremony in the brickfilming community designed to award brickfilms previously released within the last year. It was originally planned as an annual event,[1] but did not occur again. Brickfilming awards ceremonies would return starting in 2005 with the unrelated Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts, which eventually became the Bricks in Motion Awards. Unlike the Bricks in Motion Awards, the Plast Awards relied on directors to submit films for consideration rather than having the judges select nominations.


The Plast Awards were announced on October 28, 2002,[2] with the name "Plast" coming from the Norwegian word for plastic.[3] They were announced on the ezboard forums by Anders "Litervis" Berget,[4] who was co-hosting and judging them along with Patryk Wawer. Brickfilmers were asked to submit films they had released in 2002 and were over two minutes long[5] for consideration in the categories of Best Dramatic Production, Best Comic Production, Best Actor/Actress, Best Special Effects and Best Overall Film.[6] Only one film per category was permitted per director. The Plast Awards were sponsored by Best-Lock Toys, who provided prizes for all categories.[7]

The original deadline for submission was December 1, 2002,[8] but this later was pushed back to December 15.[9] Despite previous plans, the hosts decided against announcing nominations, citing time constraints,[10] and so the final results only were announced on December 20.[11] Although the Plast Awards were originally intended to occur each year, they did not happen again after 2002, and Patryk Wawer stated that this was due to the disappointingly low number of submissions.[12]


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