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Pizza Flambe, also known as Fire at the Pizzeria,[1] is a 2001 dark comedy brickfilm by David Clough. It is about a negligent pizza chef who manages to set his pizzeria on fire.[2]


A woman arrives at a pizzeria and orders a pizza. The pizza chef prepares a fresh pizza and asks for the woman's assistance in opening the oven. She is concerned about the oven already being full of pizzas, but the chef says he always puts that many in. He puts the new pizza in and the two of them sit outside to wait. A fire emerges from the oven, and it is spotted by an arriving pizza delivery driver. He alerts the fire brigade, and promises a free pizza to the first truck to arrive.

The firetruck drivers are given the news and, excited by the prospect of free pizza, race to be the first one there. The trucks try to run each other off the road, and manage to both crash and become destroyed. Hours later, the pizza delivery driver wonders where the fire trucks are and decides to eat the pizza himself, while looking at the ashes of the pizzeria and two skeletons among them.[2]