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Pirates Rule! is a 2011 comedy adventure brickfilm by Harrison Allen.[1][2][3] It follows groups of pirates, redcoats, and ninjas, who each seek to claim ownership of a chest of valuable treasure. It entered production in January 2010. It is Allen's longest brickfilm, and the last that he filmed at 10 frames per second, rather than 15.[4] It won "Best Pirates" at the Build-A-Brickbuster Pixelfest.



  • Chris Pelly as Captain Brickbeard, Mr. Posh, Captain Bale, Stanley the Ninja, Some of the Redshirts
  • Harrison Allen as Admiral Broadside, Jack Joe Jonathan Jelly James Job Jameson III ("Fred"), Mr. Munchy, Jahk, Fredriks, Sam, Mr. Grin, Barrels, Doh Joe, U, Some of the Redshirts
  • Shannon Bentley as Peggy, The alien girl
  • Emma Echols as Kyoko
  • Elisabeth Allen as Lilly Broadside


  • Harrison Allen - Director, Animator, Editor, Story, LEGO models, Sound effects, Music
  • Wilson Allen - Additional set designer for Port Bricknoble
  • Elisabeth Allen - Music
  • Betsy Adams - Drums
  • Stuart Dover, Evan Dover, Callan Bentley, Lee Allen - Creative ideas and useful feedback