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Pirate's Quest is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Scott "Uncle_Cheesedog" Loeppky. It is about a pirate who steals a map from another pirate and heads off in search of treasure.[1] It was Loeppky's first brickfilm, and the only one he ever finished and released.[2] Loeppky would go on to be the host of the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5.


A pirate in blue sneaks around a ship. A pirate in red finds him, and demands the return of his map. The pirate in blue runs and hides in a rowboat, and the pirate in red loses him. The pirate in blue begins to follow the map, taking the rowboat to a nearby island. He needs to turn left at "the pirate rock", and begins to explore the island in search of the rock.[1]

The pirate battles and evades a crocodile. He spots the pirate rock, and heads left. He finds the cave he is looking for, and heads inside. He spots a ruby on a pedestal, but the pirate in red enters behind him. He asks how he was found, and the pirate in red reminds him that all LEGO maps are the same. The two pirates draw their weapons, and a duel begins. Ultimately, the pirate in blue beheads the pirate in red. The pirate in blue approaches the ruby, but a voice is heard requesting the LEGO be put away, and a hand reaches down to grab the pirate and throw him into a pile of minifigures.