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Pierre & Luigi is a 2008 drama brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan. It follows two rival chefs who wish to destroy each other's business.[1] It was an entry into the Friendships and Rivalries Contest on, in which it won third place.[2]


Luigi, an Italian chef, owns a restaurant in New York called Luigi's Fine Italian Cuisine, and a French chef, Pierre, owns a restaurant right across the street called Pierre's French Palace. Pierre and Luigi love their location but each hate the other chef, both thinking their opponent makes terrible food and steals their customers, and the two chefs even wish death upon their respective rival.

Luigi sees a newspaper on his counter with an article about a mad criminal who poisons coffee supplies in restaurants and is believed to be coming to New York City next. Luigi gets an idea and looks across the street to see Pierre leaving before going to his larder to get a vial. He heads across the street and enters Pierre's to find the coffee supply and poison it. The next morning, members of the city health department arrive and inform Pierre that they must check samples of his coffee as they are trying to stay one step ahead of the criminal on the loose. Meanwhile, Luigi gets a phone call from the movie star Bob Smiles, who asks to use Luigi's as a filming location for a yogurt commercial. Pierre's test results come back and he is ordered to close down his restaurant to allow for further testing. Pierre suspects Luigi of poisoning his coffee and phones a hitman to take out Luigi.

Bob Smiles arrives at Luigi's as Pierre and a nearby hitman observe. Luigi spots the hitman before he fires, and the bullet just misses Luigi. Pierre quickly throws a grenade through his window at Luigi, but Luigi throws it to the hitman, where it explodes. Pierre realizes how ridiculous the two chefs have become, and decides to go make peace with Luigi. The two chefs learn to accept that the opposite restaurant adds to the area and helps their own business.




Pierre & Luigi was nominated for two awards in the 2008 BiMAs.

Year Competition Category Result
2008 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated