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Picturesque is a 2009 sci-fi action brickfilm directed by Jonathan Vaughan and written by Jonathan Vaughan and Mathew Buck. It is about a future in which a controversial new invention, picture portals, allows people to teleport to a location painted on them, and which are posing a threat to the country.[1]





A poster from 2006 for Picturesque

The Pictureseque title and concept originated in 2006, and an early version of the film was originally slated for a Fall 2006 release.[2] After the announcement of the Masterpieces of Brickfilming contest in September 2006, Picturesque was planned to be an entered into it, and so planned to be released in December 2007.[3] Test footage for Picturesque and the title of the film appeared as part of a cinema screening in Vaughan's film The Tompa City Menace, released in January 2007.

By June 2007, with a 30+ page script that was still being written, Vaughan announced that the film would likely not be created in time for Masterpieces of Brickfilming. In Fall 2007, Vaughan restarted the scriptwriting in collaboration with Mathew Buck, now planned for a Fall 2008 release. Picturesque was pushed back further to make room for multiple other films for contests, and it was eventually released on the final day of 2009. It contains over 300 visual effect shots.[4]


Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Visual Effects Won