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Picturesque is a 2009 sci-fi action brickfilm directed by Jonathan Vaughan and written by Jonathan Vaughan and Mathew Buck. It is about a future in which a controversial new invention, picture portals, allows people to teleport to a location painted on them, and which are posing a threat to the country.[1]


Part 1

In the near future, there is a new mode of transport known as a Picture Portal, a painting that allows its user to travel to whatever location the painting depicts. Picture Portals are the invention of the Portal Painter, the only individual who knows the secret ingredient necessary in the production of the Portals.

However, these portals can be exploited for evil means, an observation that has been noticed by Mr. Glacialis, a member of the Government Management Board. Captain John West, head of the Police Division, along with his partner Roger, meet with Glacialis to explain the plans for security regarding the Picture Portals, something requested by the President. Although there are trackers installed on the Portals, roughly 200 of them are currently missing, and this is something that Mr. Glacialis says that the President will be "very concerned" with.

Meanwhile, a mercenary (known as Carl) is in contact with an unknown individual.

Mercenary holding the Portal Painter at gunpoint.

The Mercenary, Carl, holds the Portal Painter at gunpoint, coercing him into painting a portal to the Oval Office.

The mercenary breaks into the Portal Painter's residence and threatens him in an attempt to get him to create a portal to the Oval Office, which he begins to do.

Glacialis meets with the President, where he informs him of Captain West's report. Glacialis makes it clear that he strongly dislikes Picture Portals as a whole, wanting to " away with them entirely", as he sees them as a societal risk. The President has a much more nuanced view, wanting to simply regulate their use as opposed to completely banning their use.

Back at the Portal Painter's home, he has finished the portal requested by the mercenary. The mercenary then knocks him unconscious, and, before jumping through the portal, drops a lit match to destroy the portal and cover his tracks. A portal opens right above the President's head in the Oval Office, and the mercenary falls right on top of him. Shoving the President into a different Picture Portal that he carried with him, he then escapes through a secret exit.

Part 2

John and Roger arrive at the Portal Painter's home, where the Painter is just waking up from being unconscious. John explains to him that the President has been kidnapped using a portal, and they know that he is directly involved as no portals directly into the Oval Office have ever been produced. The Painter tries to explain that he was forced to make one, before John's superior arrives to take over the investigation. However, John asks the painter if he would be able to detect a nearby portal, to which he responds yes. Claiming that his boss is likely to not even try to solve the case, John takes the Painter with him and Roger to try to find the mercenary, as he may still possess the portal he used in the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Glacialis goes live on television to notify the public of the President's kidnapping. He explains that the kidnapper, who they believe to be a hired mercenary, used a Picture Portal to enter the Oval Office and used another to transport the President. Due to this, Mr. Glacialis says that Picture Portals are too dangerous to be kept, and as such, possession/use of a Portal is now illegal.

Car Chase, Picturesque Pt

John, Roger, and the Painter (red convertible) chase after the Mercenary, Carl (gray van, top row).

John, Roger, and the painter are in John's hovercar searching for the mercenary. They discuss how he might have escaped to Oval Office, as they know that although he moved to President using a Portal, he himself escaped through other means. Apparently, the security cameras became scrambled shortly after the President was sent through the Portal, and the mercenary did not escape using any known exit. The Painter then says that a Portal is in a nearby van, which Roger then tracks. The Mercenary notices this, and intentionally careens over the edge of the road. The Painter states that the Mercenary is now boarding a train, and John then arrives at the station and drives along the tracks in pursuit of the train, eventually boarding it (this leads to the derailment and presumed destruction of John's red convertible). On the train, the group is jumped by the Mercenary, and a short fight ensues, with John and Roger being tossed to the ground and the Mercenary supposedly fleeing, leaving behind his Picture Portal, which the Painter realizes is a fake. John wonders how this could be, to which the Painter explains that there is still a Portal somewhere. Suddenly, Roger is shot through the head by the Mercenary, and then quickly knocks John unconscious when he tries to attack.

The Painter wakes up (presumably from having been knocked out a second time) to see that the train is on fire, and he quickly draws a crude Portal, allowing him and John to escape onto the train tracks. John says that he will "...make him (Carl the Mercenary) pay", which the Painter observes to be revenge. John says that it would be justice.

The two meet up with John's boss, who tells John that he is fired for his failure. John says that he will never find the Mercenary, to which his boss tells him that he suspects the Painter himself to be behind the whole ordeal. John asks if he intends to arrest the Painter here and now, but he says that he currently lacks the necessary evidence to make such an arrest, although he intends to do so once the kidnapper is caught.

Elsewhere, Carl is in contact with his employer using digital means, asking for extra compensation for his troubles with the cops. His employer says that they are paying him too much already, and when Carl tries to bargain again, his request is dismissed.





A poster from 2006 for Picturesque

The Pictureseque title and concept originated in 2006, and an early version of the film was originally slated for a Fall 2006 release.[2] After the announcement of the Masterpieces of Brickfilming contest in September 2006, Picturesque was planned to be an entered into it, and so planned to be released in December 2007.[3] Test footage for Picturesque and the title of the film appeared as part of a cinema screening in Vaughan's film The Tompa City Menace, released in January 2007.

By June 2007, with a 30+ page script that was still being written, Vaughan announced that the film would likely not be created in time for Masterpieces of Brickfilming. In Fall 2007, Vaughan restarted the scriptwriting in collaboration with Mathew Buck, now planned for a Fall 2008 release. Picturesque was pushed back further to make room for multiple other films for contests, and it was eventually released on the final day of 2009. It contains over 300 visual effect shots.[4]


Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Visual Effects Won