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Piano is a 2010 horror brickfilm by Emma Graham.[1][2] It follows Henry Ashmore, who is in possession of the piano of the deceased Mr. Kenwood, whom Henry has just discreetly buried.[3] It was created for the contest Festival of Souls, in which it placed second overall. It was also on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards,[4] and was included on The Bricks in Motion Collection Blu-ray/DVD in 2015. An inspiration on the film was Frankenstein by Robinson Wood.


Henry Ashmore digs a shallow grave, and buries the dismembered remains of Mr. Kenwood. He returns to his home, where he writes a letter to Mrs. Kenwood. He offers condolences regarding the recent news about Mr. Kenwood, and mentions that he has Mr. Kenwood's beloved old piano, which he offers to return to Mrs. Kenwood as a memory of her husband. Upon finishing the letter, Henry begins to play the piano. He briefly pauses when he thinks he hears a noise.

That night, as Henry is in bed, he is awoken by the distant sound of piano playing. He gets up to go investigate, and downstairs he finds at the piano the ghost of Mr. Kenwood. The ghost stops playing, looks over, and says "Henry...", before disappearing. The ghost suddenly appears right in front of Henry, and attacks him.[3]