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Peter Friend is a New Zealand brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for Hobson's Choice and for Space Race; a brickfilm that was available to watch on the LEGO Studios website in 2001.[2]


Year Title Notes
2001 Space Race
2002 fun
2006 Hobson's Choice 2006 Wellington Fringe Festival 3 minute film competition winner
2007 monOcular New Zealand's 2007 MovieFest Short Film Competition Hobbyist Category winner and Overall winner[3]
2008 Star Vars V48 Seconds 2008 entry
2008 Beverly Laurel ZM & Telecom Lip Dub Competition entry
2011 SBF promo 2
2011 TSTST
2012 Ick V48HOURS 2012 entry
2012 Disappeared "Be There. Stay Involved" Like Minds Wellington Film Competition 2012 General Category first place winner[4]