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Pertinacity is a 2004 slice of life brickfilm by Christoph Brock. It is about a swan trying to get the attention of another swan.[1][2] It was an entry to the 10 Brick Contest and came in second place, though due to Brock being a co-host of this contest, the prize was passed down to third place winner Greedy Bricks by Mirko Horstmann, with the entry in fourth, Nine Elements, One Problem by Lewis Chen, taking the third place prize.[3]


A white swan swims down a river and is soon followed by a grey swan. The grey swan tries to get the white one's attention, but the white swan repeatedly turns away and swims off. The grey swan tries surprising it by swimming underwater and popping up, but it is not impressed and eventually pushes the grey swan away.

The grey swan slowly returns, but the white swan ignores it and looks away. The grey swan, unhappy, swims away. After some time, the white swan looks to the grey one and begins to reconsider its actions. It heads over to the grey swan and they become acquainted before swimming off together.[2]