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Perpetual Twilight is a 2013 fantasy brickfilm by Jorden Davis.[1][2] It follows a struggle between opposing factions of elves and vampires, who each want possession of a stone that can control the amount the sun will shine on the land.[3] It was created for the Contrast Contest hosted on the Bricks in Motion forums, and won first place.


In a village, there lives a group of elves who can stay immortal as long as they receive sunlight. They possess a sun stone, which has been enchanted to keep the sun in the sky. One day, the elven king, Ilendiel, realizes that it is becoming dark, and checks on his son, Ailen, who was tasked with guarding the sun stone. He finds the sun stone missing, and knows that vampires have stolen it with the intention of bringing about eternal darkness.

The elves begin to feel signs of growing weaker, and King Ilendiel arranges for a group of warriors to venture to the vampire castle. Meanwhile the vampire Faeron, son of Lord Valron, is wishing that the two factions could live in peace, but Lord Valron scolds him for his treacherous thoughts. Outside, one elf who is afflicted with lycantrhopy transforms into a werewolf, and attacks vampire guards before breaking through a gate. The group of elves enter, and Ailen climbs in through a window, where he finds Faeron. The two draw their weapons, but soon realize they have a shared desire to work together and avoid conflict. Lord Valron suddenly appears and attempts to attack Ailen but Faeron gets in the way, losing an arm. Valron then enters a battle with Ailen and is overpowering him, but Faeron manages to grab a sword and kill his father, before he himself dying.

The elves and vampires come to a mutual agreement, and the sun stone is enchanted to create the Land of Perpetual Twilight, in which there is enough light to let the elves live, but not too much so as to harm the vampires.[3]




Year Competition Category Result
2013 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best THAC, BRAWL, or Contrast Entry Nominated
Animato Studios 2013 Brickfilming Contest n/a Honorable mention[4]