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Perfect? (German: Perfekt?) is a 2012 brickfilm by Alexander Leitner, Andreas Bitzan, Thomas Leitner, and Michael Bitzan. It is about a man who observes his seemingly ideal life.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2012 and won the Audience Prize, as well as coming second in the Jury choice.[2] Though not their first ever co-production, it was the first Steinerei entry co-produced by the two duos, and they would go on to create co-productions for each subsequent Steinerei (except for Steinerei 2015, which they co-hosted).

Plot Edit

A man thinks about his life, which is perfect. He sees his beautiful wife, and his two children who he loves very much. The family sit down to lunch together, and then the man and his children go to their idyllic garden to play. When the wife comes outside, the family go for a walk together, and the man continues to think about how perfect the family is.

From a prison cell, the man is observing all of these qualities in a family that is not actually his own. He realises that this is what he could have had if only he had chosen the right path.[1]

Cast Edit

  • Steffen Troeger as Speaker
  • Elke H. as Mother
  • Kim Smith as Mother (English version)
  • Martin R. as Son
  • Rebecca L. as Daughter

Award nominations Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Cinematography Nominated

References Edit

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