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People Come In. Pizzas Come Out. (also referred to as PCIPCO) is a 2007 horror dark comedy brickfilm by Kevin Horowitz and Jacob Schwartz.[1] It follows a man who gets a job at a pizzeria and soon finds out the dark secret behind their recipe.[2] It was an entry into the third Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest but was disqualified for lacking the mod element in some frames.[3][4]



A drawing by Kevin Horowitz at age 12 that later inspired the film[5] (click to enlarge)

The restaurant Pizza King is advertising that help is wanted and a man goes inside to inquire about the job. He is directed into another room in which he is picked up by a robotic arm and placed on a conveyor belt. The belt takes him past a laser which stuns him and then to a crusher which reduces him to pulp. His remains are pushed into a machine that grinds him up and separates out the bones, blood and flesh. The ground bones are cooked to create a pizza base, onto which the blood and flesh are sprayed in place of sauce and cheese. This pizza is then boxed up and dropped into a delivery truck, which drives away.

At the home of a family, the delivery man rings the doorbell and the father goes to get the pizza they ordered. The mother expresses her love for Pizza King but wonders what makes it taste so good and the son reveals that he was thinking of getting a job there.


  • Kevin Horowitz as Father
  • Beverly Horowitz as Mother
  • Jacob Schwartz as Son


  • Kevin Horowitz - Writer, Director, Animator, Set design, Editor, Effects
  • Jacob Schwartz - Writer, Director, Animator, Set design