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Paweł Kamiński is a Polish brickfilmer. He is known for LEGO music videos for Toy Food and LEGO House, and also for the Polish-language Star Wars series REBELS.[1] He is one of the first Polish brickfilmers on YouTube to be known outside of Poland. He was one of administrators of the Polish brickfilming website WMBF.[2]


Year Title Notes
2008 Aliens
2008 Attack of the Skeleton
2008 The Power Of The Daleks Montage Clip
2008 R2-D2 vs. Dalek
2008 Daleks in Manhattan Montage Clip
2008 UFO
2008 Extermination
2008 LEGO Song Also known as LEGO House
2008 TALENT Unfinished and never officially published
2008 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud #7: Weapon
2008 Funny situations X
2008 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud #18: Button
2008 REBELS Ep.I Fałszywy Mike
2008 LEGO Wall-E
2008 REBELS - Kollegro Unfinished
2008 REBELS Ep.II Roślinka
2008 REBELS Ep.III Lazer!
2008 BLOCK Man
2008 Fred - Trailer
2009 BRAINZ !!!
2009 Wii vs. PS3
2009 Cinpoinous Dictionary Series film
2009 Scary Movie 3 Montage Clip
2009 The Abduction Unfinished
2009 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud #0: Stud
2009 REBELS - New intro
2009 Lemon Demon - Toy Food in LEGO!
2009 Ouch A tribute to Zach Macias and a recreation of Hypothetical Possibilities' set and style
2009 Test - Man
2009 101 Ways a Minifig can FAIL at life #21 Tree Fail Winner of Best Animation in Richard Van De Steenoven's 101 series
Screened at BrickFlix 2011?
2010 Knock Knock! in LEGO!
2010 Secret ending of: "Knock Knock! in LEGO!" Edited in 2013 and never officially published
2010 Beware of Tatooine
2010 Dane Cook Gets Sorted By A Pkmovies92
2010 REBELS Ep.IV ...A wy znowu?
2010 Running Into A Wall And Making A Dent "Running Into a Wall and Making a Dent" Animation Challenge second place winner
2011 The Poo The Four Monkeys' "Walk This Way" Contest Best Walk Cycle winner
2011 X-MASS
2013 Dlaczego? KostkowyKonkurs Bartolinirozy first place winner
2015 edish stuff A small tribute to Paweł's friend "CrazyEd"
2019 LEGO Star Wars: The MANDALORIAN - Official Trailer Co-production with Karol Pikuła and Kamil Adam Janko