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Paul Oakenfold - Who Do You Love? is a 2013 music video brickfilm by Morgan Spence. It depicts a week in the life of Paul Oakenfold, following him travelling between countries and performing shows.[1] It was commissioned by Perfecto Records and is the official music video for the song.


Morgan Spence had included a clip of the Paul Oakenfold song "Ready Steady Go" in his 2012 brickfilm LEGO Jail Break, and when he wanted to submit this film to a festival, he emailed Perfecto Records to ask for permission to use the song. The next day, he received a reply from Oakenfold's European manager, John Askew, who said that he found Spence's animations really cool and asked to discuss the idea of Spence making an official video for one of Oakenfold's future singles. Spence was 13 at the time of shooting the video. His involvement (and remarkably young age) brought him TV, radio, and internet media attention. Shortly after the release of the video, Spence was invited to a Paul Oakenfold gig in Glasgow, where he met the management team he had been in contact with, as well as Oakenfold.[2]


Year Competition Category Result
2013 Co-operative Film Festival Advisors' Choice Award for Animation Won
Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Lighting Nominated
Best Music Video Brickfilm Nominated
2014 British International Amateur Film Festival IAC International Amateur Film Competition 5 stars[3]

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