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The Past and Future Contest was a brickfilming competition being hosted by "rioforce" on Bricks in Motion in 2019. It is the ninth official Bricks in Motion summer contest, following the Movie Magic Contest in 2018, and the first hosted by "rioforce", who had became the main Bricks in Motion administrator in 2018 (and had provided the theme for the Movie Magic Contest).


Following the relatively lower turnout for the previous year's Bricks in Motion summer contest Movie Magic, which featured a more complex theme, the Past and Future Contest returned to a broader, story-based theme. It was announced by "rioforce" on July 8, and had a deadline of September 2.[1] This gave it a shorter running time than previous BiM summer contests, which had the benefit of it not overlapping with the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest in June. The contest received 23 entries, returning to a more regular entry number for summer contests.

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Also sprach Zarathustra "Kreal"
Beyond the Time Barrier Zach "Zach Studios" T.
Bleak Investment "Brickquarium Productions"
Bless You Lewis "duffosaur" Duffield
Bob Walks Across the Street "Shane studios"
Bully in the Future "MegaMovieMan"
Chloe is Calling Joshua Nelson
Clarence and John’s Remarkable Escapade "Awesomepants Films"
Entire Entrée Nick "OneDouglas" Douglas
Future Perfect "Squidtastic Videos"
Hollywood Sucks 2 Funmi Adetola
Jimmy Explains Past And Future. "MysteryBros Films"
Joan Archer Finn Curtis
The Job Interview Darren Wolin
A Knight in Not so Shining Armor Isaac "Building Block Productions" Dettman
Memories Stephan Euvrard
Mixed Up Day Lainie May
Mühle Hans Präßler
A Normal Day for Doctor Thumbnail "BrickAnimator 724"
ONCE BEFORE: A Very Short Short (Part 1) (SNEAK PEEK TRAILER) Stephany Melissa Alfaro Barrera
OVVERRIDE LEGO stopmotion trailer! "cracksplatpop"
Through The Time Tunnel William Osborne
While the light is on Ilmari Teekkinen

Judging and prizes[]

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of "rioforce", Seán Willis, and Rachel Dew. Like the preceding Bricks in Motion Summer contests, no formal set of judging criteria was used, but consideration was given to the world created within the film, originality, story, and creative interpretation of the theme.

Prizes were awarded to the top three placing entrants in a prize pool format. The three prizes available were a copy of Dragonframe 4 including Bluetooth controller, a Brickstuff Pico LED light board starter kit, and a set of's Phonetic Custom Printed Heads for Animation.[2]


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. Also sprach Zarathustra "Kreal"
2. Chloe is Calling Joshua Nelson
3. Mixed Up Day Lainie May
4. Memories Stephan Euvrard
5. Bleak Investment "Brickquarium Productions"
6. Mühle Hans Präßler
7. A Normal Day for Doctor Thumbnail "BrickAnimator 724"
8. ONCE BEFORE: A Very Short Short (Part 1) (SNEAK PEEK TRAILER) Stephany Melissa Alfaro Barrera
9. Through The Time Tunnel William Osborne
10. Future Perfect "Squidtastic Videos"


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