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Paragraph is a 2015 satirical comedy brickfilm by Steffen Troeger and Hendrik Denkhaus of nichtgedreht. It follows the story of a man wandering around the labyrinth of bureaucracy. It was created for Steinerei 2015, and it received Jury third place choice and Audience second place choice.


A man with a colorful package enters a busy building. He grabs a ticket and gets in a long line full of other people with packages. After waiting a long time, the man is directed to a different floor, where he enters a door with strange symbols. He is kicked out, and returns to the information desk. He goes to yet another floor that has colorful doors. Entering different doors changes the color of his package. Frustrating, he takes his package to some inspectors. The inspectors poke and prod the package, and eventually return it to the man. The man, now sad, stands by the elevators as the camera pulls out, revealing the entire cross section of the building.[1]



Paragraph was awarded with "Craziest Original Brickfilm" at Ciné Brique 2015 in Canada.