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Palikkatakomo is a Finnish-language LEGO enthusiast website. It is the home of the Finnish brickfilming community, due to its inclusion of a brickfilming subforum.


After discussion with some other Finnish LEGO enthusiasts, Palikkatakomo was founded by Tuomas "InfamousQ" Kukkamaa in 2005, initially with only one subforum. It found more active users by making contact with the forum of the Finnish brickfilming group HOViNET team, and the Finnish Bionicle forum Bio-Clan. The site added more subforums, including the "Kino & Studio" subforum for LEGO animation.[1] Palikkatakomo received a major site redesign in late 2008, and the forums currently only extend back to the launch of this redesign.[2]

With Palikkatakomo's brickfilming subforum becoming the main gathering place of the Finnish brickfilming community, HOViNET team decided to move their bi-annual brickfilming competition, HOViNET Animaatiokilpailu, to it.[3] The competition was renamed to Palikkatakomon Animaatiokilpailu, and was continued to be hosted by Janne Kortelainen of HOViNET team, who is an admin of Palikkatakomo. The eleventh and most recent competition took place from December 2014 to January 2015, and was also hosted by site staff member "Awis".[4]


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