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Paint. is a 2015 slice of life brickfilm by Jon Rolph. It is about a painter who paints a painting with LEGO.[1]


A person lays out a sheet of newspaper and places a glass jar, tubes of paint, and a canvas and paint brushes made out of LEGO on top of the newspaper. The painter squirts out a blob of red paint and paints a square, and then paints two white shapes. The painter continues to paint, painting small blue and yellow squares, and then finally painting several black lines.

The painting, a LEGO version of Piet Mondrian's Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow,[2] is complete. The painter takes the painting and hangs it on the wall. It is then heard falling off the wall, and the painter groans.

Features in the media

Paint. was featured on a variety of LEGO, animation and tech news websites and blogs, including The Brothers Brick,[3] Show Me the Animation,[4] and Gizmodo.[5] It also received a positive response from stop-motion animator PES,[6] who was previously noted as an influence on the style of the film.[7]


Year Competition Category Result
2015 Cine Brick Main competition Second place[8][9]
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Won[10]