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Paint. is a 2015 slice of life brickfilm by Jon Rolph. It is about a painter who paints a painting with LEGO.[1]


A person lays out a sheet of newspaper and places a glass jar, tubes of paint, and a canvas and paint brushes made out of LEGO on top of the newspaper. The painter squirts out a blob of red paint and paints a square, and then paints two white shapes. The painter continues to paint, painting small blue and yellow squares, and then finally painting several black lines.

The painting, a LEGO version of Piet Mondrian's Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow,[2] is complete. The painter takes the painting and hangs it on the wall. It is then heard falling off the wall, and the painter groans.

Features in the media[]

Paint. was featured on a variety of LEGO, animation and tech news websites and blogs, including The Brothers Brick,[3] Show Me the Animation,[4] and Gizmodo.[5] It also received a positive response from stop-motion animator PES,[6] who was previously noted as an influence on the style of the film.[7]


Year Competition Category Result
2015 Cine Brick Main competition Second place[8][9]
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Won[10]