The thumbnail of the full film version of PAIRD
The thumbnail of the full film version of PAIRD
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Created by
  • Joseph DeRose
  • Sam DeRose
  • Strauss Whiteside
  • Cindy DeRose
  • Tony DeRose
  • Sam Richardson
  • Science fiction
  • Action


No. of installments
10 + compiled version
First release

PAIRD Part 1

September 16, 2011
Latest release


August 20, 2019

PAIRD is a brickfilm project created by Joseph DeRose. It follows two men who wake up with no memory and find themselves in a world plagued with overpopulation and terrorized by machines created by the robotic research company known as PAIRD (Practical Artificial Intelligence Research and Development). It was originally released in 10 separate parts between 2011 and 2018, before being compiled along with some new footage to create a whole feature length brickfilm, the format in which it was originally envisioned, in 2019.[1] DeRose created the film between the ages of 12 and 20.[2]

Installments[edit | edit source]

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Joseph DeRose as John Crage
  • Sam DeRose as Gordon Reeves
  • Strauss Whiteside as General Dawson
  • Cindy DeRose as Kathy
  • Tony DeRose as Thompson
  • Jack Robertson as Police chief
  • Sam Richardson as Tom Freeman
  • Kisten Vanlangenhoven as Liza
  • Alistair Grant as PAIRD scientist
  • Christopher Keith as The president
  • Samantha Andow as News anchor
  • Malcolm Bradzinski as News anchor
  • Marion Grant as News anchor
  • Richard Piccioni as News anchor
  • Dennis Grant as General #1
  • Adrian Butscher as General #2
  • Zach Jagoda as Technician
  • Ayana Renoldi-Bracco as Technician
  • Finley Hebert-Perkins as Technician
  • Drew Anderson as Technician
  • Daniel Parish as Technician
  • Izzy Reese as Technician
  • Arielle Andreis as Technician
  • Cole Yarbrough as Technician
  • Sammy Kroner as Technician
  • Daniel Robertson, Alex Jacobson, Eric Andow, "ChaosOmega", "Nate1000Man", Brad Niven, Adrien Harty, Omar Elafifi, Martine Xenja, David Jacobson, Mark Boyer, Petra Jacobson, Karen Frank, Larry Andow, Marley Townsend, Parth Desai, Liam Campbell, Lorrisa May, Clare Dougherty, Ed Burke, Chris Bortolon, Patrick "Pattycakes" O'Halloran, Michael Milito, Gaurav Malhotra, Liam Walsh, Cole Bacani, Kennedy Reed, Brandon Marsh, Cam Greely, Noelle Hanson, Bobby Hobart, Alexander Pires, Max Migdale, Karen Hellyer, David Friedlander-Holm, Kat Wells - Additional voices

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Joseph DeRose - Writer, Director, Production design, Sound design
  • Christopher Keith - Music, "PAIRD Theme" co-writer
  • Sam DeRose - Script editor, Production design
  • Clara Reinke - Script editor
  • Daniel Parish - Script editor
  • Michael Milito - Script editor
  • Akshay Ravi - Script editor
  • Emily Halaka - Production design
  • Brad Niven - Sound design
  • Patrick O'Halloran - Sound design
  • Liam Walsh - Graphic design
  • Rachel Bennett - Graphic design
  • Matt Jaffe - "PAIRD Theme" co-writer

References[edit | edit source]

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