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Outside is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by James Morr.[1] It is about a man who gets bored of making a brickfilm and decides to go enjoy the wonderful outside world.[2]

Outside was created as a pastiche of the forum user "brickman81". brickman81 was a twelve-year-old brickfilmer who joined the site in September 2005 and, by March 2006, had posted a film thread in which he said he was getting bored of brickfilms. This thread turned into an argument, with other members defending the hobby while brickman81 said that being on a forum was a waste of life and that he was getting too old to be interested in LEGO (and repeatedly telling another member to "go suck an egg"). This culminated in the rant:

"Lock this i don't feel like talking to u people anymore ccc yall

Go out and enjoy the fresh air and be active!!!!! To fun STUFF!!! OUTSIDE!
Dont sit on the computer ur whole life thats a waste of time and unhealthy

G2g BYE"
- brickman81, March 30, 2006

brickman81 would go on to return with an apology in September 2006, and stick around on the forum. He released another brickfilm in 2008.


A man works on a brickfilm, but becomes frustrated and knocks over the camera. He proclaims that it is boring and that he is tired of kids' stuff, and he is instead going to go play outside and enjoy nature. He heads for the door.

Outside, he is immediately trampled by horses, peed on by a pirate, and ultimately eaten by a werewolf.[2]