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Our Batman Adventure is a series of Batman brickfilms created by Laurance Hiller.


Season 1 (2011)[]

Season 1 of Our Batman Adventure was created by Laurance Hiller and his son, after his son heard about the LEGO Super Heroes Challenge and wished to enter. All parts were entered into the contest, and Part 1 was one of three third place winners in the November bracket. The season was originally created in three parts but uploaded in four parts,[1] as Part 2 was longer than YouTube's video length limit at the time. The original uploads have been removed, and the season was reuploaded in 2012 with copyrighted music removed and royalty-free music added. Season 1 runs for 50 minutes in total.


  • Laurance Hiller - Model builder, Writer, Photographer
  • Benton Hiller - Model builder, Writer
  • Students from the Nichols School of Buffalo NY - Voices
  • Mike Belling - Special thanks for help with sound effects
  • Joelle - Extra special thanks

Season 2 (2013 - 16)[]

Season 2 was projected to run for roughly twelve parts,[2] but it was not finished. Six parts were released between 2013 and 2016. What was made of Season 2 runs for 66 minutes in total.