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Orange Beats Binary is a 2010 brickfilm by Dave Pickett. It is the second part of Nightly News at Nine Chapter 2 - Robots!, and is an in-universe TV commercial aimed at the robot population and promoting dominance of the color orange over the color green. It is a non-minifig brickfilm, featuring multiple original brick-built robot designs.[1] It was Pickett's first brickfilm shot with a QuickCam Pro 9000 and, unusually, was animated at 30 frames per second on ones.[2]


In a world containing only grayscale colors, robots chip away at large blocks moving along a conveyor belt, turning square blocks into uniform circular shapes. A block arrives that contains one speck of the color orange, and when the color is struck by a robot, it spreads and the robot becomes entirely colored orange. The robot leaves its post and proceeds to strike other objects around the factory, which causes them all to turn orange. When other robots are turned orange, they begin to sculpt the blocks into creative and different shapes. Eventually, the entire factory is turned orange and is producing all sorts of fantastical orange creations.



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