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Once Upon a Saturday Afternoon is a 2011 comedy slice of life brickfilm by SR Brandon.[1] It follows a group of friends who play hide and seek, but one of them has difficulty following the concept.[2] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2011 and won second place.[3]


Four friends sit in a house, trying to decide what to do. After arguing over what game to play, they settle on hide and seek. One friend, Ryan, begins to count and two of the others dash off to hide, leaving the dumb friend, Edward, wondering what is happening. Ryan explains that it is hide and seek, and that he must hide, so Edward heads into the next room.

Edward looks around and chooses to hide under the couch, but when Ryan announces that he is coming, Edward gets up thinking he must seek, too. Ryan tries to explain how the game works, but Edward finds the name misleading, having assumed he should both hide and seek. Ryan instructs him to pick a hard-to-find place to hide and to wait there until he is found, so Edward hides in a small vent. 2 days later, he has not been found and is still in the vent.[2]


  • David "DWStorm" Watson as Friend #1
  • Ryan Brown as Ryan[4]
  • Carissa Brandon as Megan
  • SR Brandon as Edward

Award Nominations[]

Once Upon a Saturday Afternoon was nominated for one award in the 2011 Bricks in Motion Awards.[5]

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Ensemble Cast Nominated