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On the Street with Steve Deepsea is a 2009 comedy brickfilm by Dave Pickett.[1] It is the fifth part of Nightly News at Nine Chapter 1 - New Beginnings and follows street reporter Steve Deepsea asking New Block City public their opinions on Malifios' threat to destroy the city.[2][3]

The film includes one sequence animated by "CarrollFilms", a brickfilmer whom Pickett became acquainted with at Brickworld 2009 and wanted to have participate in one of his animations.


Sherry announces that the Nightly News at Nine is now going to their man on the street, Steve Deepsea, to see how the New Block City public feel about Malifios' escape and threat to destroy their city. He interviews many citizens, and their opinions on Malifios range from mild fear to total indifference. However, the three-headed singing prophet Trifacto Jones warns of a mass destruction coming quickly as a result of Malifios' plans, and advises citizens to flee the city.

When Steve Deepsea attempts to interview a legshark, he is promptly eaten whole. Phil remarks that he guesses the Nightly News at Nine now has a new man (or shark) on the street, but Sherry insists that that cannnot have a legshark on staff as they eat anything in front of them. Phil, however, is impressed by how the legshark is managing to hold the microphone, and christens him Leggsly Von Sharkerton before welcoming him to the team. He announces that after a commercial break, they will go to Zundar Silverspine with the weather.[1]


  • Dave Pickett - Director
  • "CarrollFilms" - Guest animation of Henry Langdonville


  • Eric Benson as Phil Brickley, Joseph Fairweather, Steven Mitchell, Trifacto Jones
  • David Pagano as Duane Parsons
  • Dave Pickett as Zachariah Zubalee, Henry Langdonville, Trifacto Jones, Q'#!*, Brian Applecheeks, Cornelius Crocogator, Leggsly Von Sharkerton
  • Jack Pickett as George Hingley
  • Linda Pickett as Amelia Airtight
  • Robert Planthold as Steve Deepsea
  • Stephanie Rivera as Sherry Tiles
  • Lila Pearl Shapiro as Rhonda Rhododendron, Trifacto Jones
  • Isaiah Vincent as Child


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