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ONE: A Space Odyssey is a 2001 parody brickfilm by Tony Mines and Tim Drage of Spite Your Face Productions.[1] It is a one-minute humorous re-telling of 2001: A Space Odyssey.[2] It was created for an art project organized by Three Sixty Contemporary Arts, and was initially screened in a theater alongside nineteen other 1-minute long films based on 2001: A Space Odyssey.


An ominous black monolith appears among a group of monkeys telling them to "hit things with sticks." A single monkey drums the first few notes from Strauss's "Also Sprach Zarathustra," with a pair of bones before accidentally knocking itself out.

Frank is repairing the Discovery's communication's dish when his EVA pod is possessed by HAL. The EVA pod taps Frank on the shoulder, and then punches him in the face.

Dave attempts to get HAL to open the pod bay doors, to which HAL responds: "I think you know the problem as well as I do Dave. I've gone nuts."

Dave makes increasingly bizarre faces as he is pulled through a portal of brightly-colored LEGO bricks.

Dave finally meets his older self in a white bedroom and they both insult each other. Dave is now a floating fetus, and asks "Who's that guy?", indicating the monolith. The camera pulls into the monolith, which now displays "The End."[2]


  • Tony Mines as Monkeys, Dave, Monolith
  • Chi Mason as Hal, Monolith
  • Lindzi Hayward as Frank


  • Tony Mines and Tim Drage - Directors
  • Jason Allemann - Providing discovery model
  • Robert Butera - Providing original earth model
  • Allison Pike - Providing monkeys and skeletons
  • Myk Thomas - Materials and Support


ONE: A Space Odyssey was commissioned by the organisation Three Sixty Contemporary Arts for their "Twenty, Oh One" project. It was the first of twenty 1-minute long films based on 2001: A Space Odyssey to be screened at the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh starting at 20:01 on the 20th of January, 2001.[3][4]

In November 2001, the film was shown at the Watershed Cinema in Bristol as part of the Brief Encounters Film Festival, and won the NAHEMI Special Juror's Award 2001.[5]

Reaction from The LEGO Group[]

ONE: A Space Odyssey is an early brickfilm that was professionally made which was not made for The LEGO Group. Before creating the film for the non-profit art project, Spite Your Face did acquire permission from LEGO, and were even supplied with some materials from them. Later, Spite Your Face sent the film to various television channels and received interest from the BBC, who wished to show the film on TV as long as further permission could be received from LEGO. Spite Your Face contacted LEGO again, and this new request was sent to a higher up department than they had previously been dealing with. This time, they were ordered to make no further attempt to promote their film, or else LEGO would take legal action. They agreed to not sell the film, but asked if they were still allowed submit it to festivals or pay for it to be put on non-profit movie sites, and were told they could not.[6][7]

Spite Your Face managed to sort out permission from LEGO to show the film at further festivals, and other screenings in 2001 led to the duo receiving opportunities for animation work.[8] LEGO would go on to hire Spite Your Face to produce official brickfilms from 2001 to 2004, and ONE: A Space Odyssey was made available to view on the LEGO Studios website alongside the films that LEGO commissioned them to produce.

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